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In Issue 5 (link: https://hdrskirmisher.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/ausgabe-5-august-14.pdf ) of Der Skirmisher Magazine, I wrote about how I made 2 Campaign Maps, on for Gondor (and a bit of Rohan and Mordor) and one for Harad. I want to use this blog post to show more photos of the maps and tell a bit more about them. So, beware of the many photos following!

Note: as I wrote in my article, the idea of making such a campaign map came not from me, but from Neldoreth/Rev. He inspired me to do something like this. You can check out page that initially inspired me here:




My Gondor and Harad maps connected. The total size is approximately 30 by 40 inch.


The Gondor Map

IMG_2393 GOndor Map3 Gondor Map4 Gondor Map5

The Gondor map (including the settlements and armies) was made over the course of 2 months, mostly on weekends. The techniques used are described in my article.

As you can see, the map stretches from Dol Amroth, Edoras and Dunharrow in the West to the Black Gate and Mount Doom in the East. The settlements included on the map are: Edoras, a generic Rohan town, Dunharrow, Dwimorberg, Erech, Dol Amroth, Calembel, Linhir, a generic town in the Fiefdoms, Pelargir, Minas Tirith, the Rammas Echor (7 pieces of wall), West and East Osgiliath, Cair Andros, Minas Morgul, Shelob’s Lair, Cirith Ungol, the Black Gate and 2 generic Mordor camps.

Some settlements can be seen below. All of the settlements were based 25 mm bases or half 25 mm bases.

IMG_2206 IMG_2219

Pelargir, Dunharrow, Erech and the Dwimorberg.

IMG_2220 IMG_2245

Random Fiefdom Town, Calembel, Linhir, West and East Osgiliath.

IMG_2328 MT finished

Minas Tirith.

DA Rohan

Dol Amroth and Rohan (with a random Rohan town, Edoras and Dunharrow and the Dwimorberg in place).

IMG_2411 Morgul

The Black Gate, Shelob’s Lair, Cirith Ungol and Minas Morgul in place.


The Harad Map

The Harad map was made over the course of a month, taking a lot less time because most of the map is sand and has no vegetation. Experimenting with to get the colours I liked for the desert and the desert mountains was a fun exercise. It took some time to get it right, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.


The map includes 11 settlements and structures: Umbar, a ruined city, a large bridge, 4 towns, 2 fortified towns, 1 Harad encampment and 1 watchtower.

Harad0016 Harad0017

Central Harad with two fortified and one unfortified town. On the right a ruined town, a small town and a large bridge.


A small town in East Near Harad.

Umbar was based on a 40 mm base, because I wanted to have some more space to create a nice city, and because I figured the nearest Kingdom of Harad might feature quite a big city. Some work in progress (WIP) pictures can be seen below, along with some finished pictures.

IMG_2476  IMG_2481

The very start of Umbar and a WIP shot. 

TLA Painting Comp0009TLA Painting Comp0010

Umbar finished and place on it’s location on the map.


Several Corsair ships were also made from tiny pieces of polystyrene and thin cardboard cut to size.

Harad Map0013

The Corsairs sail around the cape of Harad.


The Armies

As mentioned in the article, I initially made the armies from banners on toothpicks on 25 mm bases. I got dissatisfied with their appearance and started looking for alternatives.

Copplestone Castings (link: http://www.copplestonecastings.co.uk/ ) has an excellent 10 mm Fantasy range of metal miniatures with models that have a LotR feeling to them. Perfect for what I needed! I bought some City Spearmen, Horse Tribes Infantry and Cavalry, some Orcs and some Wolf Riders. I will use these to represent Gondorians, Rohirrim and Orcs from Mordor respectively.

To represent an army on the Campaign Map, two infantry or 1 cavalry model were glued to a 15 mm base. Sand was then applied and the model was painted. Finally, static grass was applied.


A strip of City Spearmen next to a GW Gondorian and two 15 mm bases. On the right are two City Spearmen cut out and glued to the base. 

DSC_0489DSC_0488 DSC_0490

A Gondor army, a combined Gondor/Rohan army and a Mordor Cavalry army.

DSC_0144 DSC_0146

A Horse Tribe converted to Hirgon or generic Messenger. The lance was removed for the largest part, the head was swapped with one from a Horse Tribe infantry, the shield was removed and a new left arm was sculpted. Sculpting and converting in 10 mm is a whole new challenge!


The Rules

The rules used to play a map campaign, made by Neldoreth/Rev,  can be found here:


When starting this project, I started off making some house rules for my group. It soon became a whole pack, about as big as Rev’s rules, in different stages of completion. This was some 5 or 6 years ago. At some point, I aspired to make my own full set of campaign rules. So, I set off making the house rules into a full body of rules.

I have still not finished the work, having worked on it irregularly over the past years, sometimes working on it for an afternoon and evening, and then not for another month. An additional problem for finishing the fan supplement is that I write all my ideas down, and every time I write up an idea, I have come up with two more already.

However, I am now at a stage were things are a little more manageable, perhaps. If I find the time and (more importantly) the motivation, I will try to finish a set of basic rules and publish these on Der Skirmisher. The full rules (with lots of Advanced/Optional rules) will take more time and I can give no indication of that. At the moment, I think I have over a hundred pages of rules in several Word documents.


Comments, criticism an questions are always welcome! Thanks for reading!



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  1. Koen like always a gorgous Project! I really like the middle-earth campaign map you did. All the fancy details like Umbar, the black Gate, Minas Thirit, the corsair ships and of course the army markers you did. Great Work! 🙂

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