Forest Board and Gondorians

Hey everyone!

It’s been really long since I posted here, so I thought I’d change that with a little update! I’ve worked quite a lot on different projects recently.


First of all, I’ve started making a 2×2 feet Forest board. I’ve always wanted a real forest board, with realistic sized trees, detailed undergrowth. Something better than the tiny railroad pine trees on bases and on plain grass fields.

Recently, I stumbled upon an old jar of white paint, and reckoned I could use it to model the tree barks with! After a small test tree, I went on to create the board. Here are some pictures of various stages.

For the forest floor, I made a mix of different types of flock, real peat, wood glue, brown paint and water. The was applied to the entire base, leaving some of the tree roots clear.

Within a month, I should be able to continue working on this board and be able to finish it! Painting the trees will be very easy, because applying some washes will do the trick, and the floor can just be drybrushed.


I recently got half a box of Gripping Beast Darg Age Warriors from a friend. I’m really loving the set so far, with all it’s versatility! One of the projects I envision is making a proper Shield Wall unit. This will be a Rohan Militia Shield Wall, for which I will make some house rules. The idea is that 4 to 8 of the same type can join together into a Shield Wall, based on a smaller base (this base is 3 by 1 inch). The Shield Wall will have a defence and Combat bonus to the front, and will profit from having 4 Attacks on 3 inches.

Here’s a quick test!

DSC_0694 (2).JPG

Another group I started from these Dark Age Warriors, are these generic Workers. Mostly used the Dark Age Warriors as a base, but the mauls and shovels are also from GB. The head on the right is from a Warlord Games Celts set, and so is the body of third one. The right one will be converted to be digging. Quite happy with how these are turning out!

They will be used as generic Workers, mostly for scenarios in Gondor, Rohan, Arnor or anywhere with Good Men really.

DSC_0698 (2).JPG

They also needed an Overseer, of course. The body and arms are from a Wargames Factory Viking, the head from the GB Dark Age Warriors, the right hand is from a Corsair Bo’sun, the sword in the sheath is from a Fireforge Templar, and the chain mail, belt and pouch are sculpted by myself. I really like how all these different elements go together pretty well!


Next up is one very unlucky Orc! I’ve been working on some casualties recently (mostly for a Pelennor Fields board I want to make at some point). Converted from a Warg Rider, and repaired here and there.


Next up is Dervorin and some Men of the Ringló Vale! The only thing we know from him is that he led 300 men on foot to the defense of Minas Tirith. With so little to go by, I looked at the only other thing we knew. Ring means cold, and therefore I went for a cold palet. I chose the emblem to be a some waves, as a reference to the river Ringló.

These are mainly Fireforge Templars. Dervorin has a WG Celt head and a Wargames Factory Viking horn though, along with some details sculpted (horn belt, top part of cloak). Here’s Dervorin:

His personal emblem is a deer swimming in the river. This is also the deer that provided him with the horn he’s carrying, in my imagination. The Tree of Gondor is there, because I envision all lords to carry the Tree of Gondor (it’s called the Tree of Gondor and not the Tree of Minas Tirith for a reason, I figured). Very happy with how he turned out!

And here are some 4 Men of Ringló Vale:

Also made from Templars, with sheaths from -I think- Warlord Games Hoplites and sculpted belt.


Up next are some Clansmen of Lamedon, converted a little bit (hair, converted plate armour to cloth), and painted differently.

These men will represent an honor guard for a Gondorian King, consisting of old Lords of Gondor. Mostly a ceremonial role, these will not fight very often, unless really needed!


Furthemore, some Rangers of Ithilien! Not much to add here, other than that it’s pretty rare for me to paint up some models without converting them! These are just great and true to my vision based on the books as they are, though.

DSC_0718 (2).JPG


Now, in my everlasting quest to make more minis as close to my vision based on the books as possible, I’ve also continued working on a command group for my Gondorians. Finally, Boromir, Faramir and a Captain are finished! All converted to some degree, making sure the plat is a surcoat over chain mail.


DSC_0720 (2).JPG


Also 12 Spearmen were finished! Converted as described in earlier blog posts.

And a close up of the most elaborate conversion:

Gotta say I really like this one!


And finally, the Gondorian Army of Osgiliath so far:

DSC_0729 (2).JPG

Or alternatively, the Army of a Sea King of Gondor:

DSC_0730 (2).JPG


Hope you all enjoyed the update!


2 Gedanken zu “Forest Board and Gondorians

  1. really cool stuff! Stealing the Ringlo Vale idea…
    I would like to point out that the shieldwall is not very realistic, it seems like the men are so tightly packed together that they can’t use their arms and weapons. You see this in movies and series (Vikings!) all the time but it’s not practical. Personaly I would leave some space in between the models so their shields nearly touch.

    • Thanks for the reply! I’m glad to hear I inspire you to steal the idea, so by all means! 😉
      You sure about the shield wall not being realistic like this? I thought they did overlap, such that they formed a solid wall. If enemies tried to break through, the shields would form a virtually unbreakable barrier because the shields also rested on their neighbours‘ shields. Maybe the shield are a bit too small then?

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